As Floridians we are no strangers to the tropics. We have become desensitized to severe weather alerts on the news. Before hurricane Irma, it had been a while since Florida has seen such a major storm. Once we hear that a system is coming our way the lines for gas trickle out into the roads and water and bread disappear off grocery store shelves. While preparation for Irma’s landfall began rather early, there are still imperative steps that slip our minds.

We’ve curated a short list of tips and tricks to help you prep and recover, that could save you from legal implications if another storm were to reach us this hurricane season or in seasons to come.

  1. Take photos of your home prior to the storm.

This is potentially the most important thing to remember to do. Even though so many people don’t think damage could happen to their home or they believe that they are not in the cone of danger, hurricanes can shift their path in seconds. It is unbelievably common that the severity of hurricanes is greatly underestimated by the public. With that being said, you will have no way to prove to your insurance company that the damage you find on your property was a direct effect of the hurricane without having photos of the state of your property before the storm. These discrepancies quickly transform into lawsuits between you and your insurance company, so why not save yourself the headache?


  1. Store your legal files in a waterproof bag.


While most of the properties in south Florida are not in major flood zones, water can enter your home in other ways. Having your legal documents including wills, deeds, and anything else you deem necessary, in a waterproof bag or container will ensure that your documents remain unharmed. This will give you piece of mind during the hurricane and will be one less thing you have to worry about. It will also provide for easy packing if you must evacuate.

3.  Don’t procrastinate!

The days following a hurricane can undoubtedly be some of the most trying times of anyone’s life. You’ve been staring at your walls for days. Once the sun sets you are only able to see with the aid of a candle or a flashlight, and more than anything you are probably melting from the lack of AC. Under these circumstances the easiest thing to do is be lazy, but your future self will thank you if you survey the damages and attempt to repair as soon as you can.

These are just a few tips to help the process of preparing and recovering from a major hurricane or storm be a little more seamless!

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